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"You are amazing, generous, and gifted soul. Your services are the BEST!!!!! When I need attunements, 
guidance from readings, healings, and elixirs I always go to the best, which is you Omorose!!!! 
Thankyou for a wonderful reading! I'm all gigles and delighted!!! I'm excited about this new journey!!! 
By the way your Sacred Rose Broadcast is wonderful!!!The energies are so powerful and loving. I was in 
a bubble of love and joy the entire day and evening that still continues!!! Awesomeness it's like I'm 
on a love high!!! Thankyou once again."
Love Anna - USA 

"Thank you, OMoRose, for this lovely message and yesterday's reiki...things have been moving VERY 
fast for me since my reading with you last December. I live fully in the present but I AM also excited 
about the future. I AM allowing all of my talents to shine this time around with courage and determination. 
And, YOU are a blessing to this world.  Thank you for shining your light and pouring your love onto us ALL.
Love You VERY, VERY much," 
Sharon -USA 

"Thank you, OmoRose, for a violet reiki session last week. I have been feeling so much confidence since 
last week, and I am more positive. Also, the Sacred Rose broadcast made me feel so loved and happy 
last Friday! Powerful energies. Magic does happen when you open to it! I will recommend you to all my 
friends! Very honest reading and advice. You are truly an angel!!! I have not found better. Thank you 
for all amazing things that you do."
~~~ miami girl~~~~ USA 

"I wish to thank you for what you told me in previous readings as some of the predictions have come true. 
I really enjoy the way you tell me how you see and get messages and pass them to me after. It is never
a simple explanation, but is is really specific to each one's personal life and it is awesome as it reallyl suits the
real situation. I finally wish to emphasize how special you are, and important to me, and I sincerely appreciate
your support. Thank you!
J.S. Canada

"Why do your readings always make me cry? Your profound insight into my soul and care for me bring 
healing tears...God bless you, dear girl, and thank you from the bottom of my heart! We are, all of your 
clients/spiritual children, blessed to know you!!"
Kenny USA

"Just wanted to tell you I used the "extraction" symbol to quit smoking after 18 years. Instantly, and 
without irritability, frustration, anxiety, or even craving. No more urges physically, emotionally or 
psychologically. Very complete healing! VFR has greatly enhanced my Reiki practice, thank you!"
Isis, Usui RMT USA 

"Through the years, I have found your phone readings, e-mail readings, clearings, and advice invaluable. 
What would I do without you? You have helped me in so many ways to see things on so many levels!
I also feel much more tuned into my spirituality through your encouragement and guidance. Sending you
a thousand blessings and then some. You are awseome OmoRose!"

Bianca Yonit, USA

"Dear OMoROSE,

Frankly speaking, I had not believe REIKI or READING . I think it's a mind safty or a kind of placebo. 
But placebo is a good cure in my sense, because sometimes we need a cure, as the result of placebo 
is not false illusion , it's fact.This is my way of thinking.But I know your power beyond the placebo or 
false illusion.

When you read me before, You said "I see fire hydrant out front and around this Aug/Sept". But I 
thought there are many fire hydrant at everywhere,this is a kind of technique of reading. But I placed 
my office at the just beside of public fire extinguisher at next year. Wow!

I broke bone twice, and same place. First time is traffic accident. Second time is just a accident. 
It took 1 year to go away the pain, but It take only 1 month after OMoROSE REIKI healing. Yes, of
 course severity is different.Do you think It is just a coincidence ?

And when I asked OMoROSE increasing the sales of some product, the sales of my shop record 
the best of at the day she pray. It's just a synchronicity?.

Heaven helps those who help themselves. But I believe OMoROSE and her angels help me to help myself 
in someway.

You might enjoy with glass of beer, but you could enjoy with OMoROSE's word much more."


Satoshi Fukuda

"Kim contacted me in the evening yesterday to say that everyone thought her father, Jonathan, 
had taken a "happy pill"! She is so pleased with the first session and so happy that her family is receiving 
healing energies from spirit through you. She said that she even felt much calmer. Just wanted to pass 
on the very positive feedback to you. Thank you again for all your love and support. Warmest Blessings-"
Anonymous - USA

"My housemate, ‘xxxx’, I don't know if you remember, but I bought a cord cutting session from you about it. 
I felt better about her almost instantly as in I'm not so angry and disturb by her presence anymore and s
he is moving out by the end of this month. Yay!" 
Anonymous - USA


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